Creating a better 2022

Hello 2022!

Since I’ve been on vacation for over a month now Christmas has kept me very busy at home. Making the cookies buying the gifts, wrapping the presents it’s all fun and literally (new) games under the Tree.

I’ve enjoyed my family time this year more than the past few years I can say that. I don’t know what this year brings but I do know that my thoughts are always on the studio and bringing joy to people and having them Craft when they didn’t know they can.

I’ve come to the conclusion that although we may not be shopping like we used to, we will always be finding ways to celebrate whether that be out in public or in our homes. As 2020 is becoming more in our distant past, our future is in fact changing and slowly going back to what we used to do.

I know for one thing I will not be going back to business running ragged like I was. I will be delegating more work so the studio will run smoother at the new location. These few weeks I have been reading up on all the books that would serve me better in my business and signing up for courses to help me get the right people. This is both scary and exciting at the same time.

2022 will not wait for anyone. I pray there are no more difficult times like what we have experienced in 2020 again. I know we all do. With this under ALL of our belts, we can do anything!

I hope we will all continue to live comfortably this year and are able to appreciate living in 2022!