Creating a “Plan B” in 22′

I fell behind these past two weeks since my daughter’s pre-school shutdown, which threw off my entire new 2022 schedule. I’m not sure why I thought 2022 wouldn’t create any problems for me, but I have now structured a plan B schedule because of it.
If another school closing should happen, I will be prepared and not stressed OR surprised. (Take that, Satan!)

I am so pleased to start a new Facebook group called “crafty business owners only!” I am looking to support other talented people like me! We have gifts that we need to give, and with our skills, we can share and spread them like seeds! We can grow our faith and have fun while bringing joy to people. We creators need to start showing that happiness can grow through us.
I am writing and developing the studio’s vision and mission statements to bring on a new team and a robust business model from here on out. It is SO exciting to hear and feel the words of inspiration around the studio and its purpose. To me, nothing is better than being inspired. I wound up
prepping the studio plans for the entire year of 2022 with a new team in mind.
Meanwhile, the free score classes keep me on track with what I am doing, and I am proud to say I have done SO much in starting my business without knowing ANYTHING about business. I guess it has come naturally to me. Look, if you LOVE something and enjoy something and it can grow, there is NO stopping you!!
As far as the business that has no location:
I made and delivered two craft kits to go,
Booked another paint night fundraiser for Police wives,
had a helper come over to sort my endless paper obsession
I deposited some cash from the previous paint night.
I made a customer happy and that makes me SO happy.
I booked and discussed ANOTHER paint night fundraiser for a customer, and it will help support another local small business.
I found I double booked my time and will NEVER do that again!
Family is way too important to put off, and I need to learn that when I try to make everyone happy, I am the one who suffers.

I have been reading a new mindset book I bought, “Winning The War In Your Mind – by Craig Groeschel, which has been so great to put into play.

I had my first online class with structuring and hiring a team. I will have to be ready with what I have learned from this and my mission and vision statements since I will be discussing further renovations and contracts for the new lease this week!

Even though this may seem like a lot, we still managed to have a lazy and fun weekend. My husband played street hockey with our son while I tidied up the house, did laundry, watched tv, went to church, and my daughter and I had pedicures! I still managed to be BORED this past weekend! How nice is that!?
On Sunday evening, I saw my monthly crafters had posted a picture of them. They were crafting together with their loved ones around a table. It was the perfect weekend.

If you want to have the kits delivered to your house here is the link