Studio Closure

I am so glad I listened to my heart and surroundings when I decided to temporarily close the studio on October 31st. My biggest problem besides having the studio run on bare-bones was what would happen if myself or my children had gotten covid, and we did.

It hit my son first, then I got it. I quarantined with my son upstairs of our house. I am lucky enough to have a husband who was able to care for my 4-year-old and care for us. What a relief.
During this time “off” I was imagining having to work at the studio during this time and I realized it would have ended it. I am SO so glad I closed on my terms and organized this temporary closure as opposed to canceling customers parties, calling employees to have to quarantine themselves, and adding to an already stressful Christmas season. I can now say Thank you, God!

Speaking of which. The first place I went after the quarantine was our church. We have not been on a normal schedule for so long. With the hustle and bustle of the studio and all the things that come with it, we have fallen off the rails.

With 2022 coming in just a few short weeks, I have used the time in quarantine to think. Thinking about how to start it all over in 2022. Writing and goal planning to find another location, pay off debts, get a basement finished, invest in exercise equipment, and to make plans for my family in 2022.

I am now planning an online workshop to go over my goal workbook with you on January 2nd at 1 pm. If you would like to plan your 2022 year with me, I would love to have 50 strong planners in the group! I am obsessed with planning and achieving personal and business goals, so if you are like me (and love paper, writing, and pens) please sign up at the link and grab the workbook to start listing your goals ASAP with me. I plan on having a GREAT new year. Do you? Here is the link: