The first full week of 2022!

I thought it was going to be my first powerhouse week in 2022! I cannot believe all the things that got in the way, and that I can still say it was a fabulous week! Maybe you can relate?
One of the things that got in the way of my perfect week was that my son had a sick day due to headaches. (Not scheduled for) Rain turned to snow on Friday. Our local school closed. (Not planned for). The other negative was that my daughter woke up in the middle of the night at 3:30 AM. Her waking up just once is very good for her since she has been waking up once or twice a night since June 2021! The past seven months have been such a struggle for me and my husband for so long. I had to bear most of that weight, getting up and lack of sleep and all. I will take one day at 3:30 AM for sure! #Winning?
Maybe you can relate to some of these “plot twists” in the first week of your new year?
I accept that there will always be things that get in the way. Your job, your duties, your goals, and your life. More important is that we keep track and recognize all the good that came of this week. If I were not writing in my daily devotional, the negative would have taken over in my mind. We tend always to remember our frustrations first.
My goal for 2022 is to grow again. My one word and a new focus is “growth.”
Even though this week was not perfect, I read my devotions and realized my week was AWESOME!!!!
Here are the things that I had forgotten so easily:
I went shopping at King of Prussia
I ate at the Cheesecake Factory
Laughed SO HARD
Re-Organized My Task List
Signed Up For A Training Program For My New #Employess
Watched & Tracked My Diet & Water Intake
Binged “The Witcher” with my Husband
I had a Zoom Call with THE Grant Cardone
I worked on a snow day while my son went sledding
Designing a DIY Craft Party to go kit
Spray painted our basement ceiling
Sent out Craft Membership Packages
I Taught a Paint Night at someone’s house.

If I did not write my week down, I would not have remembered so much joy this week was!! I worked, and I had off. I accomplished SO many things, and the week was not perfect!

I am now accepting that the rest of 2022 will not be perfect. But I will REJOICE in all of the good things EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in my journal.
(and tell my mean self to shut the hell up) 😉
-Karen McCrady