The new location Slipped through my fingers

Feb 8th – March 1st

I was ready to write a check for the first month’s rent and security deposit for the new location, and the rug was pulled out from under me. Another business took the new place, and I am SO very disappointed.
The search continues.

The GOOD news is that I am excited about a new program I am taking for hiring employees and doing my due diligence to have a team when I open the new studio. #godspeed
Crafting will never end with or without a studio!
I chatted with another local business owner and entrepreneur, and it was so lovely to be able to talk and encourage one another. Not many people can relate to what has happened to us small businesses better than other owners. Our businesses are our babies, and it pains us deeply to be in the position we are now with no “home.”
I find that I have spent the last week encouraging, uplifting, and caring for the ones who have suffered a job loss. It is SO important to remind ourselves daily that this is only temporary. We DO still have control, we CAN still support and cheer each other on, and we CAN rebuild.

I am still creative and I’ve come up with a new online creative challenge for crafters coming in the next two months. All the details are not quite there yet, but it will be a good boost of FUN for creatives and to help them/us think outside the box for some good times!

The new podcast is up and running. I have worked this into my schedule to help support other creatives. If you think you need support in this area, here is the link to Episode 1! (I have to start somewhere, right?)

So the work DOES continue with no location 😉 Here is what I have been doing for the past 3 weeks. (besides taking care of sick kiddos) uhg

• Talks about another paint night fundraiser for 30-35 ppl
• Sold a t-shirt and delivered it.
• Did another T-shirt & delivered it.
• Worked and prepped for a Crohn’s fundraiser.
• Researched more properties to rent.
• Helped Raise $250 for Crohn’s.
• Spoke to TWO creatives, empowered them to tears, and uplifted them. (This will also be a new podcast episode)
• Posted a new paint night and sold a ticket,
• Had another paint night fundraiser for police:)

These past two weeks, I’ve realized something HUGE.. it is so important to be with like-minded individuals.
To share knowledge with them. Love on them, share hope and encourage one another.
Everyone has the power to do whatever they want to do in life!
Whatever it takes, we need to do it, and we are the ones in control.
Us creatives love deeply, and we feel deeply. We must continue to love and support one another. No matter what. The world needs it, and the world needs to SEE our inspiration, talents, and gifts right now.

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