What has been up since March?

So much has been happening since March! I looked at a new location that was too small; looking for studios is crazy—kind of like finding a new home these days. Few and far between, but I know something will come up!
I went to NY with a business friend and looked at shops and went to a book store to get more fuel for my fire 😉 I found no studio’s in the area we stayed in that were different from mine. All the same. Painting for kids and other crafts, but nothing like mine 🙂
When I returned home I booked another adult craft party on location. So NICE to have people still calling on me asking me about parties and locations and all the things! I am SO happy to have such devoted customers.
I talked to 2 franchisees for the first time and was excited to discuss my studio and why I am so different and why this is the new and improved version of a studio! Built to last! But, don’t quote me on that as it is a phrase that is already bought and paid for.
I looked at another location in Landisville; it turned out to be a great size but too out of the way, and to move to another small town is not something I want.
I also got a few other “no’s” on spaces! Why? Because this pandemic has made people work from home, and now, what is coming through as far as rental properties are more OFFICE spaces and not flex spaces or even retail spaces. Interesting right? It is even more interesting that landlords are not accepting offers from other businesses when offices are so many now. Weird right? oh well, my search continues (and so does theirs)
I have gotten some numbers together for me to gear up for sales for the new location when I find one. I am already planning events and am SO excited to be back in business after five months. This planning will allow us to jump back in at any time of year, knowing what our sales would be and wasting no time to start things back up quickly!
Spoke to another person asking about the franchise. Lots of great feedback so far, and I have a feeling this next year will be filled with lots of start-ups and further connections with the right people!
Speaking of franchises, I also went to a franchise show in Philly to see how the next step would work in selling the business to potential artists and crafters. It was SO fun to talk to other like-minded individuals there who share the same passion for their own business. It’s like the meeting of the minds. Every business is unique, and each has qualities to make it stand out. The mission of my own business is to dominate the art world and make it easy and fun for ANYONE to create! Such good feedback going to this!
I looked at another location in Lancaster, and it’s a maybe for now!! We have just submitted paperwork to get this agreement started with a new landlord. So we will see.
Besides location searching, I Had another fantastic paint night on location for a bachelorette party at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Lebanon. I LOVE the energy I get from talking and laughing with my customers. My job is just fantastic and beats ANY job I have EVER had, time and time again.
Here is to many more years at the potential new location this Summer.
Say a prayer for me, wouldja?