Creating feels so good!

This week felt SO good.
I built some momentum with last week’s posts of all the fun paintings and crafts that I made. I planned such good things for my customers!
I had my first paint night at one’s house, and we had so much fun together!
I made another new craft at home, another painting, and planned out starting a new team again!
A friend came over to help me with my books, and it was so nice to discuss the future of the new studio. It energizes me to imagine what the new studio will look like and all the fun we will have!
Later in the week, I was able to book two contractors at the new location. SO EXCITING!
At home, we took down the rest of the Christmas decorations. The house is empty and is echoing. Lol!! Time to bring out Valentine’s decor!
I sent two invoices, finished reading a book, and started the next book I had purchased to help me grow the team for the studio. I plan to use this book in conjunction with an online course I purchased and another sign-up for a free course offered by our local SCORE group. I think I have all my bases covered, don’t you? LOL I am so ready to learn how to build a team in 3 different ways with three different approaches. (That’s how serious I am about my craft studio. LOL) I don’t want to miss a beat.
Speaking of crafts, I made two more crafts; another paint night booked, A paint night fundraiser is underway for Crohn’s disease, and another is in the works to support our local SERT team. Fundraisers are my FAVORITE thing to have!! Support, Fun, Donate and everyone leaves with a painting. Absolute Perfection!
I also had to start creating an online DIY craft video for a birthday girl having a party at her home next week. The BEST part to ending this week was that another new Craft membership signed up to receive their craft kit delivery!
I was busy working with my new schedule, but it seems to be the right fit! So far, so good. When you schedule crafting, it is more likely to happen, and it is!

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